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They say that your dreams should end where your arms do.
It's a recurring theme in my life.
The same can be said of desire.


Lusting after people way beyond my grubby grasp, entertaining my idle mind with what I'd like to do - despite (or because of?) knowing that it will never happen.


Maybe I need to keep a diary of my crushes, a dubious account of my hormonally-fuelled lusts, in every gory detail. Anonymous, lest anyone find out that I think Tanwar in Eastenders is kinda hot. Or that Helen Mirren is still on my list. Or that there is an actual plan for the unlikely scenario of me being single in India again, and Gaurav available.
~le sigh~ 
Now, if I could use it as a basis for writing smut...............


Y'know, I'm hoping that it's just this LJ app, but my friends page seems *very* quiet.
Hoping I've not been 'bumped off'.


Going to update and shizz, but from work - this app is a sod to use for actual, thinky journal-stuff (but ok for quick random notes).


Hope you're all ok - tell me your news!!

Look! Baby pidgeons! Over here we see pidgeons everywhere, in various conditions and social groups, but not their young'uns. So it was a treat to see this family in their poo-paradise:


Another Hiatus

Yep, been on another break from lj mostly due to 55-hour weeks, hospital times, a drunken sex-octopus, and the nicest wedding I've ever been to.

So an update about this and my yearly project is now overdue.

My wandering mouth

My Dear
In our time together
I've healed
Grown comfortable in
a trust earnt in pain
But another has come and the choice
must be made
When being faithful to you
comes at such
a price
Oh suhniye
I'm sorry
but there's a dental plan at work
So I'm seeing another dentist.
On 26th April I found out that I was being made redundant*.
On the 1st May (just 3 days later) I worked my last day there.
On the 2nd May I had an interview.
On 3rd May I was offered the job.
I start on the 21st May.

As far as down time spent in the frustrating and futile search for a job, that's pretty... uh.... non-existent!!

My initial plan (which will be in a different post) has gone on the back burner for now (definitely not forever), because my new job is to be Recpetionist at a dental surgery in town, and start training in September to be a Dental Nurse so I can stand in when they are short (which is a lot of the time, apparently!).
So it's kinda different to my original plan (like...other end of the body) but still something that I looked at doing a while ago and thought that I couldn't! (People, I have a street dental kit in my room. For show).
Apparently they were impressed and reallyreally  wanted me! They asked today if I was squeamish, and when I said: ''I grew up on Casualty; when I see yukky medical things I cringe but lean in for a better look and have to stop myself from joining in'' the practice manager declared that I will fit right in!
I have to wear a uniform, like this: 
Nurse uniform
No kinky  hat though  *sad face*. But still... awsome, or what!?   :D

 *(techinically. Because it was due to budget cuts, not lack of work or poor performance)

The bee. It doesn't look quite so big in the photo, but it was! And quite grouchy, too.

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On a lighter note..

 ... Don 2   is coming out end of December, which means it will be out in the UK end December / early January!!!

*Tight chest moment*
Aaaaaaand breathe.

(Bollywood crossed with Prison Break? What's not to love!??)

New shiny!!!

After my 4-tech-items-but-can-only-afford-one dilemma, I bought a smart phone on impulse. And still on pay as you go, so no billing paranioa  :)   seems though I can post, but can't figure out how to read users posts!


Any clues? Its an android, and it means that:
AT LONG LAST I CAN BE IN TOUCH WITH PEOPLE!!!!  If people wsnt to be in touch with me... I seem to have lost the knack of social skills... 


And then theres the 'to twitter or not to twitter' debate.


With so much shit going on at the moment, I am glad of the facile distraction of the app market...

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Good and iffy news.

So, untill we know quite what is happening with mum, New York is all off       :(    

Despite still needing transfusions  and the fact that the doctors haven't made a final diagnosis (apart from the ulcers) , mum is feeling stronger.
And no longer infested with the superbug!!

Such a relief, but as the blood loss could still be connected with the cancer, until there is something definite we won't be able to move it forward.

Continuing with the waiting game, albeit a bit less tense.  (and no more dreams about ICU).

And another thing...

...I love Tirupti - my GujiChotaGuru, for her girlish glee in our shared interest,  her comment about tacky mullets,  and her gossiping.!!!

I am both between and in cliques, and it's great - which means I am much stronger at dealing with the presence of certain persons. Although the ''people with coconuts with faces painted on, instead of normal heads...nothing in there but water'' has been out in force!  Pffft...patients, eh?

Not backdated, just belated......

Happy Happy Divali !!

<3**Wishing you all a bright new year full of light and blessings, peace, joy and prosperity!!**<3

Divali celebrations at SPBM were... very busy, to say the least!!  Only a breif visit to the temple room was managed due to the sheer amount of people and the volunteers keeping up moving (but I can't wait to take Spike back to observe the dieties with more leisure). But the New Gokul farm was fully appreciated (along with Spike performing a service)  then sitting with several local mayors to enjoy a rather lovely programme of a Prabhus vocal talents -plus techno beat-, an amazing Bhajan from three verly talented young men (like...14 years old! So talented!) a very entertaining production of the Ram & Sita story, dancing, and then fighting the cold to watch a full-on fireworks before darshan and a final commune with the cattle (the 'big boys') before Tony very kindly gave us a lift home for defrosting.   :)   A lovely time, and a good leaf-turning point.

A meme

Though I don't usually, this mem yoinked from hooverpig  is worth a do :

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession

Ten things to Ten people.... right....
This won't be on consecutive days, but rather when I get more than 5 minutes on the internet....Collapse )

Mmmmm... Sundays.

Ah, oh dear. This news story on yahoo made me smile... to be honest I can see how someone can get confused between Jenson Button and Chris Martion (if you've not watched them closely or are a big fan in any way). But it must have been embarassing for the American who made this 'gaffe'.
And on a lazy Sunday morning abusing my mother-in-laws dongle, it made me think..... rather than being confused between Jenson Button and Chris Martin, I'd much rather BE between them. Nugde nudge, wink wink.
Who's with me on this??! Anyone?

Ah, twas a nice night last night, after recieving positive hassle when I got to town (of the ''whoo! legs! Look legs! Whoo! You have legs! Whoo-whoo! Hello legs!!'' sort) I decided not to chance the negative stuff so got a taxi to Russ and Loopys *amazing* house before heading on with other people to the Coven. With an extra-bonus mister in tow (thought he wasn't going to make it out, so was great that he did) we chatted with people about things that I can't remember - apart from the plot to collect some more Steves - and meandered to some good music and witnessing a very disturbing interaction between ex-James and three rotund but cute girlies..... unfortunately I got the distinct feeling at one point that someone has been bad mouthing me to others, which I hope is not true (and is mere paranoia) but it would be very sad thing if it is (in several ways). The route home had to of course include garlic bread with cheese (this seems to be the pattern when I have whisky... the necessity of garlic bread with cheese) and Bekki measuring her rabbit up for slippers whilst afflicting us with all watching early 90's comedy   :)

Now the Spike has gone back to his for a while and I am left wondering why my head is hurting (at least the period cramps with 'bonus' pain elsewhere has stopped!) and whether I should do some practice before going out in the hunt for breakfast, or get noms then do an afternoon practice..........

I wonder.....

.....if my nausea and dizzy spells will be cured by a walk in the rain to the post office to collect my 'packet' ??

I know what it is, it's from china   :)   
Just waiting for the other parcel now........

*pulls on boots*

Woe and philosophy

I am now fast gathering material for writing a small book detailing:

''How to bounceback from being shat on''

At the moment I just can't decide if I'm in denial (and about to take a fall) or have really got a handle on being let down by people, by life in general. I really don't have the energy or free library internet time (yes, my laptop is still broken thanks to it's being a dirty stop-out and catching a disease) today for a full rant. It is drizzly outside, the plans for this evening are still unclear, I actually miss Rohinton, and I need a shower. And oh-so-subtle Spike dangled awsome temptation over the phone at me yesterday, just when I have to explain that I have no money. Then he decides we will go out and visit that shop... with my lack of money.
I have tried to sell some things on nice_boots and will be doing another batch, but it's not exactly a great earner and not quick at shifting the stuff that I no longer use and want to see going to a good home. I'll give it another couple of tries and then explore other avenues.

So back to the dole it is again.

On the plus side, during the coming week I have a potential row with Randstad, meeting my Daata for tea and chat, and hopefully seeing my girlfriend for coffee and whatnot.
I also have library time and painting time, and no less than 3 interviews coming up - whether I want those jobs or not is another matter, though......

epically normal

So in retrospect taking the coach was the best option, as parking would have been an issue and other commitments meant cutting out the Newcastle visit, so borrowing a car would have cost a lot more, too. I would explain this to the one person who offered me a car on loan, but it looks like I've dropped off her radar again.

As it goes though, my timing (and his) was pretty darn good and an awsome time was had in the end - an emotional and physical gauntlet with a couple of surprises along the way, and have love love loved being here but needs must and I return to Luton tomorrow.

It is late and we're all still rather tired, so I have to get off of someone else's computer and do a proper filtered loved-up write-up soon  :D  No gory details though  ;)      (but a lot of smiling, it seems!)

Overall, some things just aren't mattering as much at the moment. And other things matter oh so much more.

Note to self and others like me :

After eating a bag of 'spicy hot' sour cream and habanero pretzels, do not scratch the inside of your nose.

It will burn.

This adds another 'durr' to my ever-increasing list of facial mishaps. Such as the expanding list of 'things wot I have gotten in my eye'. This list includes acrylic paint, a toenail clipping, and blister fluid.

If I had half a brain I'd be dangerous.

My Gripe

Fuck e-bay. Fuck it. Fuck it in the arse. Sideways.

I bid on 2 items yesterday, both good bids. But I lost them, like I lost the 3/4 sitar with case.

They were an insect tea dress (needed for looking fab for once) and a gold skirt to match the one I already have, for turning it into an awsome bespoke maxi dress to the envy of all.  And I wanted the sitar... well... just because.

But I was outbid, and had I been able to be on the net at the time and bid again, they might have been mine. So yeah, Fuck e-bay   >:(


Abhishek and Aishwariya Rai Bachchaan have just been on morning television in the UK!!!
What a nice surprise.

Abhi looked...ugh... damn handsome. Relaxed. ...and dark.
Ash looked very made up. Seriously, she is insanely good looking and you can see why she has such a following, but when she is all made up and playing modern roles she just looks too prissy and comes across as a bitch - too perfect to be nice (or normal).  And it's definitely the make-up, because when she plays historical or non-glamorous roles, she is *stunning*.    JodhaaAkbar....Chokher Bali.....Raincoat...... all make me wish I were that beautiful (or even somewhere close).

Oh, Abhishek... you big gangly lumering deep-voiced lingerer. Yummy.

Now to e-mail my cv to a mate (she's convinced she can get me some work... I'm not, but it's worth a try because it would be rather convenient... customer service, a 40-min walk from home, mister in the warehouse downstairs, possible discount on a few items) then get ready to meet up with my mum in town for Burger King and some advice on the massive step I'm tempted to take.....


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