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Mmmmm... Sundays.

Ah, oh dear. This news story on yahoo made me smile... to be honest I can see how someone can get confused between Jenson Button and Chris Martion (if you've not watched them closely or are a big fan in any way). But it must have been embarassing for the American who made this 'gaffe'.
And on a lazy Sunday morning abusing my mother-in-laws dongle, it made me think..... rather than being confused between Jenson Button and Chris Martin, I'd much rather BE between them. Nugde nudge, wink wink.
Who's with me on this??! Anyone?

Ah, twas a nice night last night, after recieving positive hassle when I got to town (of the ''whoo! legs! Look legs! Whoo! You have legs! Whoo-whoo! Hello legs!!'' sort) I decided not to chance the negative stuff so got a taxi to Russ and Loopys *amazing* house before heading on with other people to the Coven. With an extra-bonus mister in tow (thought he wasn't going to make it out, so was great that he did) we chatted with people about things that I can't remember - apart from the plot to collect some more Steves - and meandered to some good music and witnessing a very disturbing interaction between ex-James and three rotund but cute girlies..... unfortunately I got the distinct feeling at one point that someone has been bad mouthing me to others, which I hope is not true (and is mere paranoia) but it would be very sad thing if it is (in several ways). The route home had to of course include garlic bread with cheese (this seems to be the pattern when I have whisky... the necessity of garlic bread with cheese) and Bekki measuring her rabbit up for slippers whilst afflicting us with all watching early 90's comedy   :)

Now the Spike has gone back to his for a while and I am left wondering why my head is hurting (at least the period cramps with 'bonus' pain elsewhere has stopped!) and whether I should do some practice before going out in the hunt for breakfast, or get noms then do an afternoon practice..........


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10th Oct, 2010 11:01 (UTC)
you said you liked it! ;)
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