नमस्ते बाहेन

1 November 1979
What it was when it wasn't then it will be. Maybe.

In honour of gaining some new lj-friends, I figured it'd be a good idea to update this!! Although now I'm here, it's not so easy.
Life has a funny way of working itself out, but at the moment it's taking a few odd turns, and the meaning of some of these turns has yet to become clear... But the only way to get through is to trust and enjoy the ride, for all its ups and downs. Some of my journal entries are about this, to record thoughts and get opinions and ideas, or sometimes things are a bit lighter and just about sharing stuff.

''Life is like a film, there has to be a happy ending. If you haven't seen the happy ending, then the film isn't finished yet.'' Om Prakash (character), OSO.